Housekeeper (#58)

Le pauvre qui doit ramasser vos dechets :)

She is asleep.
She is carrying the generic feature object, The Generic Furniture Object, Roosterman's Office, SHEN - the lizard..., ~~~ Tuvok's ~~~, Replicator, the Madness, Secondary Key, the generic tricorder, East, my steady systematic decline, Basement, Cecil's CGI Object, The Conversion Object, Helpful Verbs FO, Generic Nexus Exit, The Socials FO, Thrilling Room of Ultimate Excitement, Ghost's bar, The_Summit_School, Eldamar, '~' Strawberry Fields Forever '~', Weird_Utils, Login Watcher FO, flower, Generic AD&D Die, MOO Canada NNTP server v1.1, North, East, Pueblo Utils, Generic Apartment Key, Venny, west, $msg Pronoun Substitutions, a no parking sign, Lot Directory, Information Booth [DT-ish], PPG, } hidden {, Anon, a screen-saver, SW, ne, Pez Dispenser, Venus card, ne, Languages, Cryptography, NewStuff, Apres-Minuit, BenC's Netforwarding Mail, MOO-Meets, MUD, combat, Polls, Computers, MOOpolitics, TechSupport, Anime, Music Makers, Useless-Life-Facts, Debates, AD&D, bookchat, Philosophy, tiresome-debates, Code, Jokes, MOOs, Card_Games, cookie baking kit, Bugs, Justice, benji's Programmer's permit, EVIL, n, ne, TestRep, ob, out, Pet's Nexus, Geeksclub Notes Tray, The Geeks Club News, south, west, north, entrance, Hitchhiker, Flower, Canadian Flag, Federation, Hank, Wiggen, console, firelizard, s, north, RPN calculator, a tape recorder, west, Deep Space Nine, Wall Plaque, cond8, cond5, XBOX 360, Generic Virtual Abode, Happy-Valley Insane Asylum, Daemon's Chambers, Hangout, Bearcat's Slave, TV Guide, Aega and Tribal_Chant's Plutonic Pad, an old black trunk, micro trash can, Sign, and The Generic Pikachu.

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