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TAF/METAR Information

On June 3, 1996 at 0600 UTC Canada implemented the international standard TAF and METAR codes for the reporting and forecasting of aviation weather. The familiar SA and FT codes have been replaced by the METAR and TAF codes respectively for all domestic and international weather bulletins for Canadian aerodromes. This site has been established to provide information on the implementation of this changeover, and to assist users in becoming familiar with the codes.

This site is maintained by the Atmospheric Services Division of the National Weather Services Directorate, Environment Canada.

Quick Reference Decode Cards

TAF Decode Reference Card

METAR Decode Reference Card

The Symbolic Form of the METAR/SPECI code (58K GIF)

METAR Code Differences from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Standard

The METAR Code in Detail - OBS Circular 1-95

This document describes the METAR code in detail including WMO code tables, stations implementing the code, symobols, etc.

The TAF Code in Detail - MANAIR

Information on the TAF Code can be found in the Manual of Standards and Procedures for Aviation Forecasts

Sample LIVE WEATHER DATA for practising the new codes

Pick an airport below to see the current METAR and TAF for that station and click on the "SUBMIT" button.


I still have questions....

about the implementation plan. Please contact...

Garry Pearson, Atmospheric Services Division,
Environment Canada, 4905 Dufferin Street,
Downsview, ON, Canada
Phone (416) 739-4783
FAX (416) 739-4261


...about the METAR code. Please contact...

Gary Cormick, Data Standards
Phone (416) 739-4982
FAX (416) 739-4261


...about the TAF code. Please contact...

Luigi Bertolone, Forecast Standards
Phone (416) 739-4991
FAX (416) 739-4261


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