Cemetary [DT] (#4514)


Here lies Murk (previously #4110)
Born: Tue May  8 21:52:55 2001 UTC
Died: Mon Aug 12 16:54:49 2002 UTC
His presence graced our Moo for 1 year and 3 months.
You see a slim young man, of about 16. He carries himself in a withdrawn, quiet manner. Every so often, you see a glimpse of a far more outgoing personality... he seems to hide it for some reason. He is about 5'9, you guess, and looks more or less well proportioned.His hair is dark, dark brown, and is swept out of his eyes. It is very thick, by the look of it. His face is slightly angular, with a rectangula-round chin. His eyes are friendly and sparkle just a bit; they are gray-green color, though it seems to change a bi, every so often. His nose is pretty average, not really notable. Murk's eyes sparkle from behind a pair of big glasses. He is wearing a beige long-sleeved shirt, made of some slightly stiff fabric. The sleeves are too long, and hide his hands from sight. A little logo is stitched near the bottom right of the shirt. The overshirt seems to be a bit big for Murk, because it fits him loosely. He is wearing a pair of oversized khakis, which are too big, but just the right length for him. His shoes are scuffed and look well-worn. He smiles cutely at you when he notices your glance, and waves shyly.
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