Cecil's Note (#4473)

Looking down at the note in your hand you see a neatly folded piece of paper.
Tightly wound around itself you figure out slowly how to untangle thi
masterpiece of a note.
Unfolded you read in small printed writing:
Dearest Bradley,
I wish you wouldn't be so harsh on yourself. I love you for who you are. For
what you represent. Over these last few months I have gotten to know a
wonderful, caring, human being. That is a VERY hard thing to come across in
the world in which we live today. People are cruel, stupid, and don't even
trust their dog. I believe in trust. I know that it takes year to build and
only a few seconds to destroy -- but I find that trusting a person is the
greatest gift they can possibly give. That is the gift I have given to you.
My trust.
Now trust me when I say that I find you a wonderful person. You're beautiful
and just beyond description. But here, I do my best to describe one of the
most indescribable and wonderful people I know.

Looking over at the glowing red portal, you see a tall man.
With hair that has been spun with gold making it shimmer beautifully, he stands
before you with a stature of elegance and confidence. This man, this image is
sweet and good-hearted. This man, like all others has a temper that isn't to be
messed with. Changing from an image of perfection to a macabre human in an
instant. But this formation is rare -- and upon occasion, it is usually acause of
a lack of judgement. After all this man is only human and they, as a species, do
that. Unfortunatly this image of wonder, can become low and sad. A guesture of
unspeakable wonders would be to cheer him up, make him feel loved. Because he is
and just doesn't believe it.
This man stepping out of the glowing red portal is wearing a glowing blue
t-shirt, with a red and grey strip wandering from one side of his torso to the
other. Accompaning this electric t-shirt is a pair of beige-white pants. Not looking scruffy, but not an over dressed snob either.
Just a perfect outfit for a impeccable man.

There. That is my attempt at describing my wonderful Bradley.
I care for you greatly, and don't enjoy seeing you hurt the way you do.
I want to help you get over Meggi and her hurting. I love her as well, but I'm
Beginning to love you more, because you're always that shoulder I need to cry
on. Just please don't tell her that. She is still on of my babies, but you're
becoming one of my angels. I really do love you Bradley. Know that. Please.
Now cheer up by thinking that someone not to far away is thinking of you and
honestly cares about you.
If I could I would give you many hugs. But I cannot physically, so I will
pretend. *hug* *hug* *hug*
You finish reading this ever so long note, carefully you re-fold it and place
it into a nearby pocket to keep with you forever.

Cecil's Note is in Cecil.

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