Two stone tablets (#2753)

The ten Moo commandments:

1.  Always use the help before asking for help.
2.  Don't type anything you wouldn't say to the person's face.
3.  Keep your language clean before midnight and when talking to people who don't know you.
4.  Don't pester the Wizards.
5.  Avoid paging people who are in an editor (mail/note/verb).
6.  Don't ask who people are in 'real life'.
7.  Gagging, and being gagged, is serious.
8.  Describe all your objects.
9.  No violence.
10. Have fun!

1.  Always use the help system before asking a person for help.  The
Moo's help system covers virtually every problem.  Asking for
someone's help should only be done if you have spent at least five
minutes looking through the help -- time very well spent.

2.  Don't type anything you wouldn't say to the person's face.  It
is easy for new users to forget that there is another human behind
each player.  If you criticize, do it constructively. Also remember
that you may know that person in real life yet not know it...

3.  On Moo Canada, keep your language clean.  Swearing and 'mature
subjects' may be perfectly acceptable on other Moos; not here.  If you
don't like this, then move to a different Moo where it is allowed.  The
reason is that we have people from elementary schools here. Although the
wizzen have become lax at enforcing this at some times, you shouldn't be
suprised to become the wizzen's new favourite chew toy if you cause

4.  Don't pester the Wizards.  If you ever hope to become a
programmer you should not have a reputation as an annoyance.  If you
need help, ask a peer (builders should ask other builders), that way
you both learn.  As a last resort, the Wizards can be a good source of
information, but they are easily annoyed.

5.  Avoid paging people who are in an editor.  If someone is in the
'Mail room' or in the 'Note editor' or is 'Editing verbs' don't page
them unless its urgent.  Using the editors is tricky and suddenly
getting three lines of text means one can't see what one was doing.

6.  Don't ask who people are in 'real life'.  On the Moo you are what
you type.  You can choose your gender and your appearance.  This
equalising power allows your character to be equally important as the
character of someone with a PhD.  Don't ask, don't tell, don't care.

7.  Gagging, and being gagged, is serious.  The Moo is literally built
on communication, a gag prevents all communication.  If someone is
annoying you, tell them; only if they persist should gagging be an
option.  If you are being gagged, figure out why and take it seriously.
Remember though, gagging is a very effective way to solve a problem you
have with a user without pestering the easily annoyed Wizards.

8.  Describe all your objects.  It is the mark of a good player if
none of their objects are 'nothing special'.  An exit's description
should at least say where it is going.  If you really want to make
an impression, use the help_msg property on your complex items.

9.  No violence.  Since this Moo is frequented by elementary
school students, we cannot allow and atmosphere of violence to
manifest itself here.  There are some Moos that tolerate physical
and sexual violence and aggression.  This is NOT one of them.

10. Have fun!  Don't become too paranoid about 'breaking a rule'.
Unless it is a serious infraction or has repercussions, you will
be given a warning the first time.  The Wizards are not out to get
you, but they are keeping an eye on the Moo.

This document was prepared for SchoolNet Moo by Odo (#987).
Last modified February 2nd, 2002 by Lao-Tzu (#8084).

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