A box of reposessed objects (#1938)

A box where Repo_Man stores all of his reposessed objects.

A box of reposessed objects is in Recycling Depot [MI].

Contents: Videogames, d.Container, d.Fo, Notify Obj, d.Item, Modes & Options, Gen Obj DB, Janette's Sanity Obj, Paranoid DB, The Menu, The Comedy Stage, The Generic Bed, Staff of Evioni, Some Tables and Chairs, a big bank of stank^#%$*!~@dope, CatsWoe, Romance FO, Spunky, fLufFy's pancakes, Chocolate Bouquet, The Generic Seat, Catspaw's Scottish soup, Demographic Data Daemon, Magical Lute, Punching Bag of Doom and Destruction, snowball, Puffooms, Bob's apple, Generic Book, snowman, Shelly's Birthday Box, Mud's grub, MASS's yduJ's MOO Lore Pamphlet, Miss Cool medal, The generic listening puppet, BenC(Clone), The Mud Contract, Love, Susan's Cookie, Lava Lamp, Zeus, Recycled connection object., RFEngineer's Editor tutorial, RFEngineer's Programmer's tutorial, and RFEngineer's yduJ's MOO Lore Pamphlet.

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